A Random Thought to start my new blog

So as for my first post into this brand new blog I’d like to say, “Hi, and just call me Legs”. I always have very sore legs as I am obsessed with riding my bike and spend a lot of time on my feet averaging about 190 miles a month in steps not counting time spent on a bike.

I started this blog to simply share the things that interest me, I have a lot of of random things that I’m interested in, so I see this site is a way to display the things that I enjoy and my thoughts on it all. I love movies and TV Shows, I love music and a wide variety of genres. I’m obsessed with handmade soaps, candles, and just about anything that someone took the time to craft from their hearts and minds.

So let’s start this blog. If you like what I’m sharing feel free to subscribe to my blog. By the way, I love waffles and chocolate milk.

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