A few days ago I started a life goal

Over the last few months my body has physically felt as if I landed on the cactus that I added here as my featured image for this post. My muscles feel as if their being pulled from the bone as my bones feel like they’re in a vice being tightened none stop. If we were measuring my pain level on a daily basis between 1 and 10, 10 being the worst pain any human would want to experience. My pain level sits at around 315 and for some reason doesn’t go up or down. my doctor thinks possible fibromyalgia or something nerve or brain related; today I am going to neurology to start working on what’s going on.

On February 22nd, 2021 I started my life goal to do away with sodas and to drink even more water to flush sugars from my body. I also tried one of the Muscle Recovery Bath Salts from Little Peach Gifts, I’ve never used a bath salt; this brought my pain level down to about 15. That was a big change! Having being slowing down the sodas and sugar intake over the past few days, things have been changing for the better. I’ve had a continuous migraine due to cutting down the sugar and caffeine though a lot of my body has started to not hurt as badly. So today I am planning to try another Muscle Recovery Bath Salt and a nice rest after work. One of my most favorite relaxing things after a hard day at work is to enjoy a hot shower using Mountain Pine Bar Soap which is an All Natural handmade soap, it smells so good!

So it’s time to head off to work and dream about taking a long adventure bike ride off into the nothing. I’ll post more later, thanks for reading.

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