Gonna connect my Domain this weekend

This weekend I am planning to up my plan here on WordPress to have my domain name fully connected, I’m so excited. After this long week of work the weekend is looking to be filled with hiking, a trip to Road House Cinemas for a movie and dinner, then maybe a bit of cycling.

It’s been a minute since I posted an update. I made it to my doctors appointment only to be setting an actual appointment, it’s funny how they set an appointment, charge you for that and then schedule the actual appointment and then bill you for that; at that point they schedule to actual item you originally came to have done and then bill you for that. The upside to the story, by the time the doctors get the appointments done, what is going on with me may be under control already.

I’ve stepped away from soda and sugar. 90% water is my liquid intake for my body, then 5% chocolate milk and another 5% Naked Green Machine. For hydration mixes I use Liquid I.V., Hydrant, Propel, Zip Fizz, GU Energy, and Nuun. I try to stay on a Keto food regimen for the most part.

So, since cutting out the sugar and sodas a lot of my body pain eased up a lot. Now there’s only a couple of spots that still hurt a lot however the rest of my body isn’t as sore.

Thanks for reading, more to come later.

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