Preparing my bike to ride more often

It’s almost summer so it’s gonna be nice and warm outside. Lately we’ve been doing a bit of hiking when we can and I do ride my bike to and from work depending on life schedule. I’ve been gearing up for some long distance and possible touring during my time off my bike. I have every Garmin toy needed for cycling and I also use a Spot Gen 3 for safety measures when I’m out far away with no signal. The plan within the next few weeks is to pick up one of the Spot X with Bluetooth devices for better communication when I’m out for long hours.

Now with our work schedules it does get difficult to do a lot of pedaling though we are working on setting some time to dedicate to riding even if it’s one long ride a week.

Pedaling is complete happiness to me, without being able to get some cycling in is like trying to breathe without oxygen. I tend to have my bike loaded with food, snacks, clothes, just about anything that I could need in case I go for a long ride and get stuck on the road for a few days; always ready for any situation just about sums me up.

3 bike head lights on the front and two rear lights, 2 solar panels in my Revelate Designs Mountain Feeder. I carry a loaded backpack and a few cameras incase I see something that catches my eye, I’m not a photographer though I simply enjoy catching a good shot to share with family and friends.

Maybe I should turn on the GoPro sometime and share it here as my blog grows?

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