Paper Shower wipes after bike commute

I used to ride my bike about 40-50 hours a week though with my work schedule cycling has been a bit less lately so I try and commute a few days a week so that I can enjoy pedaling. It’s extremely early when I ride my bike in the morning so I have a ton of lights to keep me visible. My boss allowed me to have a bike rack in my work area so on the days that I pedal to work I have a nice clean spot for my bike to hang. Now given the heat out here in Arizona and the commute keeping cleaned up and not smelling badly during the work day has been quite tricky until I picked up some of the Paper Shower Wipes.

I used to have to pedal in early and try and wipe off a bit with hand soap now I keep one of these containers at work and when I arrive I can wipe off without any problems. When my shift is over and I need to get into another cycling kit so that I may pedal back home, I just grab another wipe and clean up before putting one on, these things are awesome!

Since we started using Paper Shower Wipes we’ve started using them for hiking, bike rides, after a run, and we’re planning to keep some on our bikepacking equipment also.

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