Between jamming the new Architects album and work, we bought new bikes

It’s been a long busy month during April and May is looking to be the same. We enjoyed some hiking, cycling, checking out a couple of fair movies and enjoying a few of our favorite bands on Octane SirusXM when we’re at work.

Of Mice & Men have certainly became a favorite, we love the new EP, if you hadn’t heard of them you should take the time to listen, they are amazing!

The band Architects has hit #1 with their new album in the UK and have an amazing new version of their song Animals, see the video below.

I don’t think there’s a song that we don’t love from every band that I’m listing here in this post. Bring Me the Horizon, “oh my, they’re def in the top of my list!”, an amazing group to say it mildly.

Now aside from all of the amazing music that we listen to, we did make a choice to put my road bike up for sell since we had went and bought two more bikes. We picked up a wonderful Surly Ogre for me at Rage Cycles in Scottsdale Arizona, it’s getting a ton of modifications and add-ons. I’ve opted to have the Jones handlebars put on it, and completely loaded with Revelate Designs bags throughout the bike.

We also went to Landis Cyclery on Tempe off of Warner to buy a Surly Troll. It’s getting loaded with bags also. These two bikes are for us to attempt to bikepack the Arizona Trail from Utah to Mexico.

So as it gets closer to our bikes being ready to pick up which should be within the next few days to 2 weeks, we will share them here and work on completing the build as we prepare for the route.

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