Our new Surly Bikes are almost ready to pick up

So we’re planning on taking our very first bikepacking trip in the very near future, over the last few months we’ve focused on buying the right gear and we’re now at the part where we’re getting the right bike for the job. I picked out the Surly Ogre, it’s so beautiful and rock solid for such terrain that we’re planning.

Our goal over time is to tackle the Arizona Trail with the help of the app GutHook. Some friends at REI gave us a bit of good advice and our bikepacking friends at Rage Cycles have been helping us get our bikes and gear together. So now we have for these type of adventures a Surly Ogre and a Surly Troll. Most of the bags are Revelate Design with the exception of a small few which are Ortlieb and Oveja Negra. We’re pretty excited as we check in at Rage Cycles every couple of days as we await all of the gear to show up.

Counting down the days until we pick these monster machines up and get to pedaling. Over the next few months we will focus on our cooking kit, our sleep systems and food. If you have any bikepacking tips please leave them in the comments below.

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