A few more days and our new Surly bikes are ready to be picked up

It’s been an exciting time lately as we have been getting notified that more of our bags and racks have been arriving for our new bikepacking bikes. Now we’ve never been bikepacking this is something that has been an interest for a very long time so we’ve saved up to get ready to start doing it.

We decided to add a set of Ortlieb paneers and a rear Salsa rack to our bikes to better handle carrying clothes, food and sleeping gear. There’s a very short amount of things that we will be wanting to add later down the road to our bikepacking bikes.

So that’s the short list of items we want to add to our bikes later, other than that we’ve already gotten everything listed below.

After we get our bikes picked up we will start preparing to go for an overnight ride a couple of times to get the feel of things, we’re pretty excited. We’ve picked our our solar systems, our cooking kits, and we have huge water bottles for drinking, cleaning, washing and eating.

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