Lost my Banana on the trail

Our life interest is Bikepacking, we love bikes so much and are so excited to get started on our adventures. Thursday we picked up our new Surly bikes, an Ogre and a Troll that we’d had customized at Rage Cycles. We ordered all of our bags, cages, racks, handlebars, you name it and almost everything had arrived so Rage set everything up for us. We’re still awaiting our Blackburn Cargo Cages so for water during our rides we loaded a few bottles and a backpack with water bladders. Once the bikes were finished we headed out for our first chill ride to get a feel for the bikes as we pedaled a few miles to find a bike friendly place to stop and have dinner, we enjoyed a wonderful meal at Barrio Queen on 5th avenue in Old Town. As usual everyone at Barrio Queen were amazing to us and the food was perfect as always.

Friday came and we did our normal daily grind at work as we anticipated a short ride after work hours. When we were off of work we hoped on our bikes and pedaled out another bike ride with all of our gear that we’d purchased so far to get a feel for a loaded bike. We pedaled doubled the trip from Thursday and after riding a bit we stopped into Streets of New York on Thomas Rd in Scottsdale to enjoy a slice of pizza while we had a wonderful time chatting about bikes.

On Saturday we were filled with excitement as it was going to be our first test ride down the Maricopa Trail on our fully loaded bikes to get to the Arizona Trail. We got up a little early in the morning and prepared some waters and some snacks, let me not forget to mention the banana’s that sit snuggly on our Surly Moloko Bags. We began our trip smiling and chatting all of the way as we worked our way down the canals towards highway 87 to connect to the Arizona Trail.

During the bike trip we took the Green Belt which is a nicely paved bike route through the city that connects to the Maricopa Trail and in some case or areas it’s called the Maricopa Trail also. Once we connected to the part of the trail that was under 10 miles from our connect to the Arizona Trail we pulled over to enjoy the sights and Mrs. Legs says to me, “let’s eat our bananas?”, I then looked down at my Moloko bag to discover my banana had gone missing. So bummed to have lost my banana that was the topic through the rest of the route how we’d plan to look for it on the way back, it was a funny conversation.

The ride was 27.3 miles and during our way back home on the trip we stopped into RoadHouse Cinemas in Scottsdale to enjoy a little lunch.

So we never found my banana and after seeing about 40 other persons on the trail enjoying their bike ride I hope someone found it to enjoy that awesome organic snack.

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