The Banana Monster Strikes Again!

So if you’d read the our most recent post (click here to read), you’d know that we lost a banana on the trail’ well it happened again.

We have finally received our Blackburn cages for our new Surly Bikes and once they were installed we headed out for another bike riding adventure almost fully loaded.

Check out those water bottles.

During our trip pedaling west from Scottsdale towards Peoria Arizona we were enjoying the outside air and decided we’d hit the point of pulling over for a snack break. Mrs. Legs looked down and said, “I lost my banana!”; we busted out laughing as this time it wasn’t I that had lost one it was her. We rested as we consumed some dried mangos and raisins while laughing about the loss of yet another banana.

Our 2 person tent arrived

Our new Nemo Dragonfly Bikepacking 2 person tent arrived the other day and it is extremely light weight. We’d debated between many different tents and after a lot of pros and cons between all of the others that we were looking into, this one won. We also ordered our sleeping bags and some really nice Xero Colorado Sandals. I do think we may spend a lot of money at REI, lol.

So now that we’ve almost purchase all of our gear for bikepacking we’re starting to plan some small overnight bikepacking trips in which we plan to share our experiences here since we’re beginners at this. We’ve hoping to implement a calendar system here into our website for those that would like to keep up with when we’re going on these trips.

Alright, well that’s it for now; we’re working on the website stuff today.

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