We’re getting our social pages up

Over the last week it has gotten very hot out here in our home town and pedaling these big bikes for a long hour or so can get some severe sun. We’ve gotten sun burnt over the first couple of rides and now our skin is starting to heal. So during the summer months we will focus on getting some of our website and social pages setup and finished while we work on our YouTube Channel too. Our amazing art guy has also set up a Facebook page so that our website may share our stories with it.

We are setting up some scheduled bikepacking trips and a few hiking trips in September, mostly overnighters as we get the hang of things and learn what equipment works best for us. We’ve also setup a Patreon Page and a Ko-Fi page for those around the globe that want to help us grow. We’re simply excited to share with the world the excitement of bikepacking from a beginners point of view.

That’s all for now as I’m prepping my bike to hopefully do a small trip tomorrow morning depending on heat. Thanks for reading and if you have some tips that you think may help us, drop a comment below.

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