It’s been quite hot lately

It’s been a bit warm lately and given our available times to be on a bike it’s too hot to be pedaling. Between now and the end of August we will be indoors more often than out on our bikes cycling or hiking. We have caught up on all of our gear purchases and have officially bought everything that we need for bikepacking other than the food we need when we roll out, so now we plan, learn, and prepare.

We’ve dreamed of bikepacking now for 4 years and we’re pretty excited to finally have all of the gear, now it’s just timing after the heat goes away. Between now and when we are able to get on our bikes we will be focuses on others ways to keep in shape so that we’re now lazy by the time the summer has gone.

With both of us working full time at least the time passes quickly, we’ve also fell in love with a few good shows to watch in our spare time. We will also be spending a bit of time checking out more bikepacking related videos to better educate ourselves with things to expect.

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