Going over the gear list and how to load

We’ve been stuck in the heat and have been daily wishing the summer would go away a bit faster so that we may go for some long bike rides. Since our last post we’ve been doing a lot of work and researching what we should and shouldn’t do when bikepacking or hiking given that we live in the desert.

Lately we’ve joined a Bikepacking community on Reddit which has helped a ton, found some very helpful info and good people in the community for advice and tips. Today I removed everything from my bike to go over what I should have in it and what I shouldn’t.

After some digging I did away with a few items and made a ton of room for food, snacks, clothing, and other items which we will be taking with us. Our tent and cooking system is on the Surly Troll.

After some chatting and research we’ve found out that we need to swap out our Sawyer MINI’s for the Sawyer Squeeze for water. We’ve also been made aware that we need to use non scented soap and wipes when out on the trail. I’ve also tried pedaling my bike with the water tanks fully loaded and it has some sway in it so I’m rethinking having them loaded versus using them when at camp.

When it comes to food that we take with us, we’re thinking that for breakfast we will take our standard oatmeal packages that we have cases of from Costco to save on purchases for dehydrated foods and get dehydrated packages for dinners. We only eat once or twice a day as it is even if we ride or hike so any more than that is just a waste; we’re snackers.

Tomorrow even though the heat will reach 110 degrees I am going to pedal out to work and back to get some leg exercise on my bike. We also got a gym membership to help with the hot days so that we can keep working out to better our health and physical abilities when we’re on a trip.

Whelp, that’s the update, more later and thanks for reading.

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