We’ve joined the Gym

Given the extreme heat lately keeping us off of our bikes we decided to add another piece into our life puzzle and start using our local gym to work on other muscles. We got a Gym membership at our local YouFit and have been having a blast working out together in our free time.

Now that we have a Gym membership we have started focusing on not only staying healthy but working on our body sizes, muscles, and set some pretty cool goals for ourselves. I personally am going to focus on strength training on my other muscle groups so that my legs can have a bit of rest. This will help given that I have some severe hip issues which in the near future will come down to getting a hip replacement. I also have issues with my shoulder and elbows that I am continuously at the sports doctor getting them treated. So given the issues with those bone and muscle issues, I have to focus on other muscle training to stay away from the inflamed areas.

Upper body is my biggest goals at the moment as I has slimmed down my upper body a lot when I started riding a bike. So with my plan being strength training and bulking up, my other half is working on not only toning but also strength training; so we started a routine and a nice food and supplement regimen.

Our local Firebird Fitness helped us pick this out to help in what we’re both trying to do in this adventure in our lives. We’ve started some meal prep and are working out 3 days a week aside from walking, running, or riding our bikes on the days that we can.

We will keep you posted on how well this is going for us, right now we’re 2 weeks in and plan to continue you this for at least a year. We cannot wait to ride our bikes.

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