47 days until our first bikepacking journey

Counting down the days until our first ever bikepacking trip as it sneaks up on us faster everyday. We’re so excited to do this first journey and get some experience with our gear. Today I looked over our Surly Bikes to make sure everything is still doing good since the Surly Ogre and Surly Troll have been sitting parked awaiting the hot summer heat to go away. It’s finally starting to get a little cooler and we’re getting close to the temperatures being good enough to be out on a bike for long hours.

On our road bikes we used to spend anywhere from 4-10 hours pedaling per trip however with the Surly bikes they are much heavier and loaded down with gear. My road bike is about 17-18 pounds and my Surly Ogre with gear is between 90-100 pounds, so it’s a big haul. The time in the gym lately has helped a lot to better the rest of our muscles and we’re averaging about 150-200 miles a month walking with our daily routines.

We’ve done a ton of research on bikepacking over the years to get our knowledge together, we follow a lot of very experienced world travelers that do so on a bike or hiking.

Iohan Gueorguiev is one of our favorites to keep up with, we’re been watching him for many years now.

Now we’re getting up in our ages so to cross the world by bike for us is a bit out of the way for us however crossing our state or pedaling across the USA; that’s more do-able for us given the right circumstances.

So far we’ve gotten most of everything that we need for our first overnight bikepacking trip other than our food which we will get before we go. We will have to take a day or two off of work and have our animals boarded for the couple of days that we’re gone. It’s certainly an exciting time for us.

Hopefully as we get closer to the date we can share a few more gear photos and videos, during our bikepacking and hiking trips we will be taking videos and photos to put up on our Patreon Page and YouTube Channel. Alright that’s that for a post for today, gonna spend some time with our animals since it’s my day off. Have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading.

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