Counting down the days until our bikepacking trip

Now that we’re down to 40 days until we head out on our first bikepacking trip we’re more and more excited. We stopped into REI yesterday to say hello to Bryce and a few of the other amazing people that work at the Chandler REI; they’ve been severely helpful in helping us get our gear together. Over the last few years we’ve focused on researching the gear we wanted, the bikes that would work for what we wanted to do; now that we have gotten 99% of it all we’re just passing time with work while we day dream about this up and coming trip.

We were asked if we were gonna take videos and photos to share on our YouTube channel and the answer to that is 100% yes. Now we’re to the point that we have just got to pick up our food before the trip in between our work schedules and time at the gym. We’ve been spending a lot of time at the gym getting our bodies ready for long trips on our bike and it’s not too much longer and the hot days will finally be gone.

So far the only video that we have made is our introduction video for our YouTube Channel which you can see below.

We have a few thousand pictures of bike rides over the years however none so far from bikepacking so we’re excited about that too. Hopefully we won’t lose any more bananas on the trail.

There are many people to thank for all of the help in getting us ready for what we’re soon to start doing and when we’re out and about we always stop by and thank them. Rage Cycles in Scottsdale helped us pick out our bikes and bikepacking bags, and a ton of other items. Bryce and the team at REI Chandler helped with cooking kits, tent, sleeping bags, tips and tricks for the trail; you name it. Our families have been very supportive also, and sometimes they may think we’re crazy also but they love us and we love them. Our Patreon supporters will have access to follow us on Spot to see our locations during the trips and they will receive sneak peek photos and videos when we’re on the trail.

If you’d like to see our Gear List to know what we have simply click here. Whelp, that’s it for now, hopefully over the next week or two we can take our bikes out on a few rides before the trip. Thanks for reading.

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