We had to change the date for our Bikepacking trip

Hey gang, so first off I apologize for not posting lately, it’s been a really busy time for us as we’ve been dealing with work schedule changes and a few health issues. We’ve been very excited about our up and coming first bikepacking trip however I have been dealing with a lot of pain in my hip for a few years and recently have had the diagnoses. So we have to reschedule our trip for about another both.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be getting injections into my hip to build a new lubrication between my hip bone and leg bone as my current state they’re isn’t much there. Now after I’ve gotten the injections I will know when I can start pedaling again for right now I will be still pedaling my bikes from time to time in between the temperatures; thankfully the Fall season is upon us and that’s awesome.

Once I have a cooler day I am going to start taking my road bike out a bit for some fair rides anywhere between 30-100 miles at a time to warm up and get some fresh air. I do plan to ride to work and back as often as I can mixing between my road bike and the Surly Ogre.

On the upside of this post we have been spending quite a bit of time in the gym and that’s really been helping on other muscle groups. We’re excited to start hiking again as the summer gets out of the way, our dog can certainly use some outdoors running when the temperatures are better; he is getting a tummy.

So that’s it for the update, I hope between a few up and coming regular bike rides that I can make some video content for the YouTube channel.

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