3 nice commuting days during the first week, not bad

So far with this commuting goal with a fully loaded bikepacking rig, it’s going great. I managed to pedal 20 miles for 3 days out of a 5 day work week. 2 of the days I had woken with swollen legs and needed the rest. Last night I came in from work a literally slept almost 12 hours, I’m still sore.

I did a few videos for my YouTube Channel, here they are.

For the rest of my weekend I will be focusing on recovery and preparing to try for maybe 4 days of pedaling this coming week. This may not happen given that Monday I will be getting injections for my hip, so Tuesday could be a no go, we will see. I’m slowly learning how to make videos and hope to get a drone within a year. Thanks for reading more coming soon.

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