So my hip still feels a bit full

After the injections into my hip I’d hoped to be able to ride my bike right away however given the miles I walk during a daily work schedule and the lifting; adding riding a bike to that load is a bit too much. My daily walking at work varies between 8-14 miles in an 8 hour shift and in that walking I’m pulling and pushing thousands of pounds from area to area, when I’m not walking pallets of products around the warehouse I’m standing on my feet none stop lifting on average of 10-50 pounds every couple of seconds during the shift.

I’ve gotten up each morning with the goal to pedal however my hip still has that full feeling with a bit of tenderness. Hopefully Monday will be the day, I was hoping to try a short ride on my road bike this morning but still was so worn out from the work week that getting up early wasn’t an option.

I went on a short walk yesterday after coming home early from work due to it being a short day only to come back to having to rest all day from being sore. So… How does tomorrow look? Tomorrow doesn’t have room in the busy schedule to do much other than what’s planned, so aiming for Monday morning work ride, at worst case I pedal very slow and relax.

Well, that’s the update, I hope to have more bike related news soon; fingers crossed and thanks for reading.

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