Looking for the right shorts for all-weather bikepacking

So now that I’m riding a lot more on my fully loaded bikepacking rig, my goal is to look into clothing that will better cover me during the trips. First of all, I’ve not once gotten to ride in the rain, every time it rains and I get on my bike the rain stops so I have no experience n that department. I do have a nice REI rain jacket which is very lightweight and will do me well on colder days and nights also. I started wondering what will I be wearing when I’m pedaling in the rain? I wear shorts almost year-round however I do have some REI cycling pants for colder days though I need a part of shorts that can get covered in mud, rain, snow, whatever, and easily rinse them off to continue wearing them without having to stop in at a laundry mat.

I’m going to REI today and hopefully, I can find something that will work, though if you have any tips I can sure use the feedback. I am also wondering if I should add fenders to my Surly Ogre?

I’m hitting the road to REI now and hopefully have a better idea of what to use when I return, besides I’m pedaling in the morning very early; thanks for reading.

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