Been getting some pedaling in

It’s been a wonderful week for pedaling and I’ve enjoyed it much. My Ogre is still fully loaded and I’m excited to say that I’ll be pedaling it a lot more next week. We have set some time for a bit of bikepacking coming up in January. Due to our extremely busy schedule and the holidays right around the corner, we’ve given up trying to get on a trip before that. We’ve put in for some time off at work so that we can get a nice bikepacking trip in to test out our gear and give our first bikepacking its best attempt.

Many thanks to our friends at REI in Chandler for all of the help so far. It’s awesome when we stop in for gear or just to grab a snack how the team there are always asking about our adventures, they’re like family at that location.

This weekend we’re very slammed and as for work, it’s overtime season for a bit; so commuting is my only time for pedaling and I’m gonna take every minute I can to enjoy it.

More to come after the weekend, many thanks for reading.

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