The Banana Monster Strikes Again!

So if you'd read the our most recent post (click here to read), you'd know that we lost a banana on the trail' well it happened again. We have finally received our Blackburn cages for our new Surly Bikes and once they were installed we headed out for another bike riding adventure almost fully loaded. … Continue reading The Banana Monster Strikes Again!

Lost my Banana on the trail

Our life interest is Bikepacking, we love bikes so much and are so excited to get started on our adventures. Thursday we picked up our new Surly bikes, an Ogre and a Troll that we'd had customized at Rage Cycles. We ordered all of our bags, cages, racks, handlebars, you name it and almost everything … Continue reading Lost my Banana on the trail

Gonna connect my Domain this weekend

This weekend I am planning to up my plan here on WordPress to have my domain name fully connected, I'm so excited. After this long week of work the weekend is looking to be filled with hiking, a trip to Road House Cinemas for a movie and dinner, then maybe a bit of cycling. It's … Continue reading Gonna connect my Domain this weekend